Fernanda. 21 years old. Brazil. Journalism. ravenclaw. actually mad. since 2010.

I'm nice and annoying. A kid and an adult. Lazy and Hyper. Creative and Uninspired. Hipster and mainstream. Outgoing and socially awkward. All at the same time. Yeah, I know, i'm weird like that.

I'm in Florida right now, go figure! And I plan to stay here for a few more months before going back home, graduating and facing the real world. *insert sad face here* And by that, I mean finding a job. Oh noes.

I like pretty much everything (honestly), but especially food. FOOD! <3 Tv shows, books, movies, youtube, drawing and writing are cool too. BE MY FRIEND. Really! I don't have a lot of those ):
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actually mad
actually mad turned 4 today!

actually mad turned 4 today!


Am I doing this right

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

"My idea of rich is that you can buy every book you ever want without looking at the price and you’re never around assholes. That’s the two things to really fight for in life."
John Waters  (via detailsdetales)